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Fight forFlyways

The Americas hold three of the nine major migratory bird flyways in the world, which makes this region pivotal to global biodiversity and climate change mitigation

The Buff-breasted Sandpiper is a mighty little migrant that depends on America’s Flyways. Breeding as far north as Alaska, this long-distance migrant spends its non-breeding season as far south as Argentina.

But this small shorebird is facing a steep decline in population. The Buff-breasted Sandpiper once numbered in the hundreds of thousands is trying to survive through habitat destruction and hunting, having brought the species to near extinction in the early 1920s.

Today, the population is estimated at 56,000 mature individuals, classifying as Near Threatened it has been triggered a conservation priority.

BirdLife are working to protect the flyways this and other species depends on. Integrating conservation efforts across borders and along flyways is essential to ensure the survival of birds and the future of our planet. The Americas Flyway Initiative represents a significant shift to halt biodiversity loss and promote conservation.

With your support, we are fighting the twin crises of biodiversity loss and climate change by advocating for powerful conservation action informed by cutting-edge science and practical on-the-ground experience.

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