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Global Birdfair project 2023 Save the Chocó Forest

BirdLife are thrilled to continue our long-standing partnership with the Global Birdfair team, and support the project to save the Chocó Andean Forest.

This year’s Global Birdfair is raising funds to protect one of the world’s most critically important biodiversity hotspots. At the intersection of the Tropical Andes and the Tumbes-Choco-Magdalena in north-western Ecuador, lies the Chocó-Andes. This wet, mountainous region hosts an array of stunning threatened endemic birds. This includes the Black-breasted Puffleg – a small species of hummingbird that may number just 150 mature individuals. Great Green Macaw and the enigmatic and rarely seen Banded Ground Cuckoo – all of which are considered Endangered.

Now, more than 40 Ecuadorian organisations, government institutions, communities and businesses are teaming up to conserve and restore large tracts of forest in this region.

The funds raised at the Global Birdfair will make all the difference in protecting this special forest and all the people and wildlife that live here.