Zimbabwe - BirdLife Zimbabwe (BLZ)

BirdLife Partner

Founded in 1950
Members: 464
Staff: 4
P O Box RVL 100, Runiville, Harare, ZW


Mission of the organisation

To promote the survival of birdlife in Zimbabwe and elsewhere for its intrinsic value and the enjoyment of future generations

Key Activities

  • Education and awareness in Schools
  • Species action e.g. Blue Swallows and Wattled Cranes
  • Site action: protection of areas of specific interest or threat and IBAs
  • Recreation: activities such as outings, walks, lectures, for members
  • Instruction of members and others in such topics as Bird Identification
  • Gathering of data by members for several research projects
  • Ecotourism feasibility studies
  • Liaison with government agencies (e.g. National Parks Ornithological Research Unit)