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    We invite you to become part of the growing, international community of long-term supporters who demonstrate their commitment joining our Bird Clubs.

    Our two Bird Clubs help fund the international action we take to save species, conserve habitats and enable positive community action that benefits birds, people and nature.

    Members receive copies of our highly acclaimed magazine World Birdwatch – a quarterly digest of the amazing work our Partners are engaged in 24/7 - every day of the year.  

  • Become a Champion


    BirdLife Species Champions help fund and promote action for specific Globally Threatened Birds as well as the international conservationsciencepolicy, advocacy and communications that underpin our local actions to ensure no more bird extinctions ever occur.

    It is a sobering thought that if you are thirty years old or more, 21 bird species have already gone extinct in your lifetime.

    You can find out more about becoming a BirdLife species Champion here or you can apply directly by writing to species.champions@birdlife.org

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    BirdLife has Partners in 120 Countries and Territories and each is a charitable, membership-based organisation.

    You can help protect birds, people and nature in any one of these countries by supporting them directly.

    Join the Birdlife Partner in your own country.

Join our Bird clubs 


You can join our international nature loving community and read about the latest BirdLife conservation stories in the quarterly World BirdWatch magazine whilst supporting our global work.


BirdLife’s World Bird Club

When you join the Club you will receive our quarterly magazine World Birdwatch. World Birdwatch is full of articles written by leading experts, bringing you exciting and informed insights into bird conservation projects straight from the field. Stunning photographs by leading wildlife photographers capture the vivid beauty of some of the world's rarest birds and the spectacular places where they live. 


Subscription rat​es

The cost for joining to receive quarterly issues of World Birdwatch magazine is £30 per year.

A special subscription rate of just £15 per year is available to members of the following BirdLife Partners - RSPB (UK), LPO (France), LIPU (Italy), SEO (Spain), SPEA (Portugal) and Students.  

For anyone who would like to contribute further to BirdLife's work then there are additional subscription categories for you to include a donation element in support of conservation work. 

Supporting subscription: £60 per year
Sustaining subscription: £170 per year
Sponsor subscription:  £250 per year
Contributor subscription:  £500 per year
Guardian subscription: £1,000 per year


How to subscribe

We are working on providing you with a secure on line subscription payment facility which is not yet currently available. In the meantime please bear with us and simply print out the subscription form below, fill in the page, sign and post to us at the address below. Please remember to enclose your cheque or credit/payment card details and tick the appropriate subscription rate.


World Birdwatch Magazine Subscriptions

BirdLife International, 
Wellbrook Court,
Girton Road
Cambridge CB3 0NA
United Kingdom.


Or email it at membership@birdlife.org


BirdLife’s Rare Bird Club


The Rare Bird Club is an Exclusive international community of concerned individuals who are determined to make a difference.

Through BirdLife International, it provides the resources which help to deliver successful projects to reverse the global decline in species and improve the quality of peoples’ lives. Its contribution helps to ensure the long-term investment that is essential for sustainable conservation.

Find out more about the Rare Bird Club of BirdLife International.