Invasive Alien Species - Pacific

Pacific Rat Photo: Dick Veitch
Photo: Dick Veitch

Invasive alien species have been the most important driver of documented bird extinctions - implicated in the disappearance of more than 70 species since 1500. The problem is especially acute on islands, where endemic land-birds and breeding seabirds often lack adequate defences against introduced predators such as rats and cats.

Over the last two decades, however, there have been considerable advances in eradication techniques, and a number of recent and current island restoration projects attest to the dramatic success that can be achieved given sufficient resources and political will.

BirdLife Partners in the Pacific are helping to restore island ecosystems by eradicating invasive alien species. So far the BirdLife Pacific Partnership has treated 30 islands for five species of introduced mammal across Fiji, French Polynesia, New Caledonia and Palau of invasive rodents. In excess of 100 islands have been surveyed for seabirds and introduced species to help understand the scale of the problem and to prioritise islands for further restoration projects. We’re world leaders in tackling invasive alien species to benefit birds, biodiversity and people.


In 2013 BirdLife launched a new global conservation programme focussed on invasive species. Led by the Pacific Secretariat, the BirdLife Invasive Alien Species Programme is seeking to support our global Partnership of over 100 NGOs to achieve our shared targets of:

  • Identifying and promoting priorities for eradicating or controlling Invasive Alien Species, and preventing their spread.
  • Developing and advocating for effective global, regional and national policy frameworks addressing Invasive Alien Species.
  • Strengthening and developing capacity for designing, implementing and sharing techniques to tackle Invasive Alien Species.
  • Invasive Alien Species eradicated or controlled, and/or biosecurity established, at the Important Bird Areas and priority restoration sites.



Pacific invasive alien species projects:

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BirdLife Pacific Partnership’s work to tackle invasive species has been kindly supported by the European Commission, Aage V. Jensen Foundation, Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund, UK Darwin Initiative, British Birdfair and David and Lucile Packard Foundation. The IAS work that BirdLife Pacific Partnership has been engaged in would not have been possible without the efforts of many, including Pacific Invasive Initiative, New Zealand Department of Conservation, The University of the South Pacific, Landcare Research New Zealand, Island Conservation, IUCN Oceania and SPREP.