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Our unique local to global approach: key to a successful Partnership

BirdLife Europe's mission to protect the environment, including conserving the world's rich biodiversity and mitigating climate change is a tremendous challenge. It requires massive efforts and large amounts of resources, financial as well as human.

BirdLife Europe's Partners are present in 49 European and Central Asian countries, including all EU Member States. The Partnership represents 4.100 staff, 2 million members and tens of thousands of skilled volunteers. It owns or manages more than 6,000 nature sites totaling 320 000 hectares.

While the pressure on wildlife and the environment grows stronger every year, so do our Partnership and BirdLife Europe now works with local organisations in new countries.

Three regions are priorities to create a coherent and complete BirdLife Europe Partnership network:

Our local to global approach is unique and explains our success on the ground

Our national Partners were already existing local organisations when they joined our Partnership and they help us understand the cultural particularities and define the main environmental issues in their countries.

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