Denmark - Dansk Ornitologisk Forening (DOF)

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Founded in: 1906
Members: 14800
Staff: 25
Address: Vesterbrogade 140, Copenhagen, DK, DK-1620 Copenhagen V
Tel/Fax: Tel. +45 3328 3800; Fax +45 3331 2435
Email: dof@dof.dk
Web: www.dof.dk


Mission of the organisation

  • Promoting knowledge of birds and support for nature conservation
  • Protecting birds and improving their habitats nationally and internationally

Key Activities

  • Mediating a positive attitude towards wild birds and nature among the general public
  • Lobbying for bird protection at a national, regional and international level
  • Compiling data on all bird species breeding in or migrating through Denmark, including detailed information on the country's 50 rarest and most threatened breeding species
  • Supervising and maintaining over 100 IBAs and bird reserves in Denmark

International contacts

Chairman: Egon Østergaard, email: Egon.Ostergaard@dof.dk
Director: Jan Ejlsted, email: jan.ejlsted(at)dof.dk
Senior International Adviser: Thomas Lehmberg, e-mail: thomas.lehmberg(at)dof.dk

Recent Achievements

  • The Ministry of Environment is investigating how the Tønder Marshlands in the Danish 
    Wadden Sea area can be recreated as an important breeding site for meadow birds. This is a 
    result of focused lobbyism carried out by DOF.
  • DOF has send a formal complaint to the European Commission regarding mismanagement of 
    9 SPA’s in the Danish Wadden Sea
  • Published a leaflet about the Goshawk in order to prevent illegal persecution
  • Agreement between DOF and the Minister of Environment (for 2010-12) providing funding 
    for focused actions for a number of threatened species as well as the common bird census 
  • DOF has developed a bird indicator for farmland birds for the Ministry of Environment which 
    is included among the national Danish indicators for biodiversity and sustainable 
  • In collaboration with The National Environmental Research Institute (NERI) DOF has 
    developed a red list index for the national red listed birds. This is mainly based on DOF’s 
    voluntarily based bird monitoring during the past 4 decades.
  • DOF has started an international research programme for long distance migrants in 
    collaboration with Ghana Wildlife Society aiming at obtaining new knowledge about 
    wintering sites and movements to be able to understand reasons for recent declines
  • DOF has recruited about 900 volunteers as active participants in DOF’s IBA Caretaker Project, acting both as observers and as local ambassadors for DOF and for site protection, thereby covering nearly all 128 Danish IBAs.
  • DOF has established the popular internet DOF database - DOFbasen - in to which 1500 active 
    birders regularly upload their bird records. 1.2 million new records are added annually and 
    by the end of 2010 the database hold nearly 10 million bird observations. More here: 
  • Implemented a 3 year forest conservation project in and around Mbeliling Forest on 
    Flores, Indonesia, partnering with Burung Indonesia safeguarding the majority of remaining 
    habitat for the endemic Flores Monarch, Flores Crow, Flores Hanging-Parrot as well as the 
    Critically Endangered Flores Hawk-Eagle.
  • Flores Scops Owl: discovered in our project area, Mbeliling Forest, in October 2010 thereby 
    underpinning the importance of Mbeliling that now boasts all the Flores endemics as well as 
    the majority of forest-living near-endemics.

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