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Inside each issue of our quarterly magazine, we shine a light on the amazing, and sometimes dangerous, fieldwork our Partners are undertaking across the globe - from preventing albatrosses getting caught up and killed by fishing hooks in the middle of the ocean, to preserving natural areas of the Middle East ravaged by civil war.

With 122 national Partners around the world, BirdLife - The Magazine offers a truly global perspective on modern conservation issues, as well as some incredible real-life stories.


Exclusive articles and stunning photography

We have refreshed our magazine to make it bigger, brighter and better. Inside each issue you'll find:

  • Inspiring articles written by leading experts in birds and biodiversity
  • The latest breakthroughs and discoveries from our network of researchers
  • Stunning images from celebrated wildlife photographers
  • Insights into conservation projects straight from the field
  • Challenging debates on nature and conservation’s hottest topics
  • Spotlights on the threatened birds and habitats we simply can’t afford to lose
  • Interviews with both famous and unsung conservation and birding heroes


Now available on iTunes and Android!


BirdLife: the Magazine is now available to purchase digitally, so you can read the latest bird conservation news on the go via your phone, tablet or laptop computer.

You can find us on either Google Play or iTunes by clicking on the icons below, or alternatively you can read the magazine in your web browser by heading to magazine.birdlife.org

This is the cheapest and most immediate way to enjoy BirdLife - the Magazine. Individual issues are available for £2.99, and a year's subscription is just £9.99.


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As a special offer, if you subscribe before the end of February you will receive a FREE physical copy of September's 'The War Issue' – that’s FIVE issues for the price of four!  If you join us within that timeframe, your subscription will begin with the December edition ‘The Red List’ . Inside you’ll find:

  • The Silencing of the Songbirds: why Indonesia's love of birds is driving many species to the brink
  • Fade to Grey: Why the Grey Parrot, a common sight in pet stores around the world, is facing extinction
  • Down to the Wire: four conservation success stories of ultra-rare island endemics bouncing back
  • The World's Rarest Passerines, Newly-Discovered Species, Extinct Birds: beautifully-illustrated lists showcasing some of the world's least known or seen species
  • And much more!

As an additional bonus, if you subscribe to the print edition, you automatically become a member of BirdLife's World Bird Club - meaning that you're helping to support the great conservation work we do all across the globe.

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