Capacity Development - Asia

Child and ox ploughing,Laos. Photo: Paul Rudd, Wikimedia

By 2020, the BirdLife Asia Partnership intends to have appointed Partners or Affiliates in a further eight priority Asian countries, bringing the regional network to 20. Working with BirdLife’s Partnership, Capacity and Communities Department, the Asia Partnership will implement training programmes for new and existing Partners and their staff, to build capacity in crucial areas such as science, policy, NGO management, information management, communications, marketing and membership development, co-ordination and support of LCGs, and good governance.

Capacity building workshops will also enable all Asian Partners to engage with government, and with other stakeholders whose policies and actions impact the environment, to mainstream biodiversity into decision-making.

Several Asian country Partners already stage annual festivals and other events which involve the wider public in the enjoyment and appreciation of birds and biodiversity. The regional Partnership will initiate regular "Welcome to the Birds/Migrant watch" events across Asia, and intends to engage many more people in common bird monitoring, urban birdwatching and citizen science, among other activities, including promoting the use of the World Birds Database across the region.