Singapore - Nature Society (NSS)

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Founded in 1954
1500 members
Staff: 2
510 Geylang Road #02-05, The Sunflower, SG, 389466


Mission of the organisation

  • Advocate the conservation of the natural environment in Singapore
  • Inculcate nature awareness and nature appreciation
  • Participate in national, regional and international conservation efforts in preserving the Earth’s biodiversity

Key Activities

A very wide range of both scientific and recreation activities, for a broad cross-section of Singapore society, aimed at enhancing appreciation for the natural environment. Its activities have a high education content, including talks, field excursions, workshops and enrichment courses for members, public and schools. Some of its regular activities in the past years as follows:

  • NSS Nature Day (1997-2002)
  • Singapore Bird Race (in October – annual event since 1985)
  • Annual Bird Census (in March – annual event since 1986)
  • Mid-year Bird Census (in July – annual event since 1999)
  • Asian Waterfowl Count (in January – annual event since 1989)
  • World Birdwatch (in October)
  • NTT World Bird Count (in Ocober)
  • Celebrity Bird Race (fund-raising event)
  • Ubin Bird Race (2001 – for schools)
  • Save the birds, save the trees, save the Earth Competition
  • Fun with Nature (education programme for junior members and schools)
  • Field Leaders Training Course (for members)
  • Birdwatching and Plant Appreciation Courses and Workshops (for members)
  • Public Outreach – Trips to Nature Areas (conservation campaign)

Talks and Educational Activities

  • The Society’s special interest groups organize nature appreciation field trips and excursions for members to the local and overseas nature areas
  • Educational talks, seminars and slide shows are held frequently for members and the public
  • Talks to clubs, companies, institutions, schools, etc, on request
  • Participate in regional fairs, seminars and exhibitions


  • Newsletter Nature News (published bi-monthly)
  • Magazine Nature Watch (published quarterly)
  • The Bird Group publishes the Singapore Avifauna, which contains articles on birds, and documents bird sightings
  • The Society also conducts studies and publishes books on various aspects of the natural environment

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