Indonesia - Burung Indonesia

BirdLife Partner

Founded in 2002
Staff: 74
Jl. Dadali 32, Bogor, ID, 16161
Tel. +62 251 835 7222 Ext 101; Fax. +62 251 835 7961
PO. Box 310/Boo

Mission of the organisation

To be the guardian of Indonesia’s wild birds and their habitats through working with people for sustainable development. To achieve this, Burung Indonesia has been working on:

  • Promoting conservation of sites, species and habitats.
  • Working with communities to promote collaborative conservation and natural resource management for sustainable development.
  • Developing the organizational capacity for improved management of habitats, sites, and species.

Key Activities

  • Comprehensive conservation action for species, sites and habitats through working in protected areas, sustainable productive landscape management and ecosystem restoration in production forests.
  • Policy advocacy at local and national levels, utilizing a multi-stakeholder approaches.
  • Research and monitoring on priority bird species (globally threatened, endemic or species of parrots) in the Wallacea region.
  • Management of data, information and knowledge to set priorities, support conservation actions and function as a provider of information services to external constituencies.
  • Public involvement through local conservation groups, membership as well as working with the media, NGOs, individuals, private sector and government agencies.
  • Promote bird conservation to the public.