Marine - Africa

Braying Penguins. Photo: Gina Pfaff

The Seabird and Marine Important Bird Area Programme aims to conserve seabirds and other marine life in the oceans surrounding the Africa continent. The objective of the Seabird and Marine IBA Programme in Africa is:

  • To address seabird conservation issues at a regional scale and engage relevant stakeholders from local to regional level.
  • To facilitate existing, and promote new, initiatives to reduce the incidental mortality of seabirds by fisheries, particularly in respect of long lining.
  • To establish and support a network of BirdLife Partners and others to influence regional and national policies affecting seabirds.
  • To promote best practice in the development and management of coast and marine environments and support designation of marine IBAs as critical sites for biodiversity conservation.

Future Plans

  • Identify and delineate marine IBAs within and beyond national jurisdiction.
  • Promote effective protection and monitoring of coastal and offshore IBAs.
  • Create awareness of conservation marine IBAs and seabirds with all key stakeholders.
  • Widen the regional reach of the Albatross Task Force (ATF) in mitigating incidence of seabird bycatch.
  • Influence international, regional and national policy frameworks to stop/reduce land- and water-based pollution in and around marine IBAs.
  • Influence implementation of national commitments to Multilateral Environmental Agreements on coastal and marine resources.   

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