Zimbabwe - BirdLife Zimbabwe (BLZ)

BirdLife Partner

Founded in: 1950
Members: 730
Staff: 4
Address: P O Box RVL 100, Runiville, Harare, ZW
Email: birds@zol.co.zw
Web: www.birdlifezimbabwe.org


Mission of the organisation

To promote the survival of birdlife in Zimbabwe and elsewhere for its intrinsic value and the enjoyment of future generations

Key Activities

  • Education and awareness in Schools
  • Species action e.g. Blue Swallows and Wattled Cranes
  • Site action: protection of areas of specific interest or threat and IBAs
  • Recreation: activities such as outings, walks, lectures, for members
  • Instruction of members and others in such topics as Bird Identification
  • Gathering of data by members for several research projects
  • Ecotourism feasibility studies
  • Liaison with government agencies (e.g. National Parks Ornithological Research Unit)

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