Zambia - BirdWatch Zambia

BirdLife Partner Designate

Founded in: 1969
Members: 133
Address: 25, Joseph Mwilwa Road, Rhodes Park, Lusaka , ZM
Tel/Fax: P.O Box 33944; Tel: 211 239420
Email: birdwatch.zambia@gmail.com
Web: www.birdwatchzambia.org


Mission of the organisation

To conserve Zambia's birds and their habitats and to provide the opportunity for all Zambians to enjoy birds.


to be a leading Zambian conservation NGO that enhances the quality of life of birds through people.

Key Activities

  • Publications include: an annual bird report, a monthly newsletter, a species record card, various occasional publications etc
  • A revised avifauna/atlas is in preparation
  • Work on national IBA inventory begun, and publication planned in near future
  • African Waterfowl census
  • Ringing scheme
  • IBA related conservation program in embryonic stage

Recent Achievements

  • Published a Field Guide to the Birds of Zambia and the first Annual Bird Report for Zambia
  • Completed the first IBA survey of the country

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