Seychelles - Nature Seychelles

BirdLife Partner

Founded in 1988
75 members
Staff: 20
Roche Caiman Box 1310, Victoria, Mahe, SC
Tel:4601100/ 4601102

Mission of the organisation

Solving environmental problems through innovation for the benefit of people and wildlife.

Key Activities

  • Protected Area Management - Cousin Island Special Reserve, and the  Sanctuary at Roche Caiman..
  • Marine Turtle Programme - Hawksbill turtles monitoring on Cousin
  • Bird Conservation - Monitoring and management of threatened endemic land birds and their habitats  on Cousin island Special Reserve; coordination of the Seychelles Magpie Recovery Team (SMART); monitoring of breeding species of seabirds on Cousin Island and coordination of Seychelles Seabird Group (SSG).
  • Coral Reef Monitoring and Restoration around Cousin Island
  • Green Health - Using key sites to promote health and well-being
  • Providing sustainability solutions and know-how to both government and businesses
  • Projects - Implementation of multiple donor funded projects
  • Awareness and Media - Regular columns and programmes in local media. Production of a full colour bi-annual conservation magazine. 3 Blogs and 2 websites actively maintained

Recent Achievements

  • Eight-fold increase in nesting hawksbill turtles recorded on Cousin
  • Nature therapy programme with local referral agencies in drug rehabilitation and mental health services funded by EU & the Australian Government successfully completed.
  • Seychelles paradise flycatcher advocacy and awareness project successfully completed on La Digue. A community based organization registered and school club formed.
  • Through the USAID and GEF-funded Reef Rescuers project 50,000 coral fragments raised in underwater nurseries, nearly a third transplanted in degraded sites
  • Making Cousin Island carbon neutral, ongoing programme
  • Registered as a Private Education Institute giving us the legal authority to operate as a teaching services provider in the Seychelles.
  • Launch of a dedicated website for Cousin Island, 26th issue of Zwazo magazine produced


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