Burundi - Association Burundaise pour la protection de la Nature (ABN)

BirdLife Partner Designate

Founded in 1999
100 members
Staff: 7
P O Box 7069, Bujumbura, BI

Mission of the organisation

Promoting natural and biodiversity conservation in Burundi by focusing on Birds

Key Activities

  • Promoting birds conservation by increasing awareness public to work for a better world
  • Support ornithological research in order to develop knowledge on birds
  • Public education, his implication and protection important birds areas
  • Protecting threatened bird species and natural habitats rich in biodiversity
  • Cooperate with all organisations or individual implied in biodiversity conservation in general, birds particular

Recent Achievements

  • Increasing awareness of bird conservation in Rusizi Nature Reserve (funded by RSPB)
  • Contribution to conservation of the Rusizi Nature Reserve through self-help initiatives (funded by BirdLife International)
  • Building a NGO-Government partnership for community participation in Natural Resource Management in the Albertine Rift, supported by WWF-EARPO
  • Waterbird count on Rusizi Delta and Lake Rwihinda Managed Reserve (funded by Wetlands International)
  • Conservation of Rusizi Nature Reserve through income generating activities (funded by NC-IUCN)
  • Distribution and population size of Grauer's Rush Warbler Bradypterus graueriin Kibira National Park, funded by the RSPB
  • Organisation of nature walks and birdwatching in the environs of Bujumbura capital town and Gatumba village near the Rusizi Nature Reserve
  • Supervision of wildlife clubs and Site Support Groups (SSGs) in Gatumba and Kibira Forest surroundings
  • Reforestation, guard re-training and population sensitization in partnership with INECN (Institut National pour l’Environnement et la Conservation de la Nature), the PA Authority
  • Partnership with other national NGOs (ODEB, PES, Enviroprotec, AHEB) in various conservation activities


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