Western Red Colobus © Peter Ichman
12 Jan 2021

Saving the Gola Forest: reimagining forest conservation in West Africa

In Sierra Leone and Liberia, a new forest conservation initiative is being implemented through a collaborative approach, to save one of West Africa’s few remaining tropical forests.
Atlantic Yellow-nosed Albatross (Endangered) in courtship display © Ben Dilley
07 Jan 2021

Namibian fishery reduces seabird deaths by 98%

After over a decade of work with the country’s fishing industry, the Albatross Task Force in Namibia are celebrating a major conservation success. A new paper shows that seabird deaths in the Namibian demersal longline fishery have been reduced by 98%, which equates to 22,000 birds saved every year.
Madagascar pond-heron with internuptial plumage © Gilles ADT
22 Dec 2020

Restoring wet meadows to protect the Madagascar pond-heron in Mayotte

Wet meadows are critical reservoirs of biodiversity, but they have declined in Mayotte due to pollution, urbanization and invasive species, among others. Restoration efforts have been ongoing since August 2020 to protect critical breeding sites for the Madagascar Pond-heron.
The Secretarybird is now Endangered © Johan Swanepoel / Shutterstock
21 Dec 2020

Red List 2020: why are iconic African savannah raptors declining?

Some wildlife encounters are unforgettable. But this year’s Red List update brings news that three captivating African raptor species are declining alarmingly fast due to multiple threats. Urgent action is needed to ensure these icons of the savannah don’t only exist as memories.
© Laurentiuss / Shutterstock
18 Dec 2020

Crucial Steps towards Bird-safe Energy Infrastructure in Ethiopia

Under the National Electrification Program, Ethiopia will build thousands of new power lines in the next five years, which could have a terrible impact on birds. We are fighting hard to ensure the use of bird-safe poles design... and we can already celebrate several successes!

Red List appeal: help us continue to identify which birds most need our help


Algeria Landscape
17 Dec 2020

Appel aux lettres d’intention: Investissement dans le Hotspot de la

On behalf of the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund, BirdLife announces a new small grant Call for Letters of Inquiry for projects in Algeria
© Bruktawit Abdu
25 Nov 2020

Great Ethiopian Run 2020 supports bird conservation in Ethiopia

The Great Ethiopian Run is the one of the world's most famous marathon initiatives. Since its inception in 2000, GER has staged over 100 races in different parts of Ethiopia, with thousands of participants and an audience base of another five million.
Reef rescuer Athina cleaning corals at a nursery © Nature Seychelles
17 Nov 2020

Saving Seychelles disappearing coral reefs

Ocean warming and coral bleaching have had a devastating impact on coral reefs, critical in supporting marine biodiversity. In Seychelles conservationists are celebrating ten years of success of the world’s first large-scale coral reef restoration project using the coral gardening method
A head-start for Loggerheads in Cabo Verde © Shaun Hurrell
11 Nov 2020

Drones, stretchers and other surprising reasons for Cabo Verde’s turtle

Whilst COVID-related restrictions may have benefited turtles elsewhere, the dedication of conservationists is mostly what made 2020 an exceptional Loggerhead Turtle nesting season here
The red-billed tropicbird (Phaethon aethereus) nests all year round in Cabo Verde © Projeto Sal Biodiversidade
04 Nov 2020

How Cabo Verde is becoming a safe haven for seabirds

A new network for seabird research and conservation in Cabo Verde is already making an impact on bird species and the local communities that live alongside them
© Shutterstock

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