13 Jun 2017

After 130 years, the Mascarene masquerade is over

With the help of infrared binoculars, GPS and a heck of a lot of rappel rope, we've managed to find the Mascarene Petrels' breeding colonies for the first time.
16 May 2017

The guardians of Africa's largest lake

Locals are rallying together to protect Lake Victoria's valuable wetlands and its inhabitants from traffickers and other dangers.
The Cross River Gorilla is a rare and iconic species photo © WCS
15 May 2017

Ray of hope for endangered Cross River Gorilla in West Africa Forest

Collaborative conservation efforts required to preserve biodiversity and save threatened species like the Cross River gorilla, one of Africa's most endangered apes.
The M13 griffon vulture after release © Rachid El Khalmichi
02 May 2017

Freed from abuse, maltreated bird flourishes in Morocco

GREPOM, the BirdLife Partner in Morocco, helps to free mistreated Griffon Vulture.
African Penguins © Shutterstock
10 Apr 2017

Saving Africa's only native penguin species

Africa’s only native penguin species is inching towards extinction due to local food shortages. Conservationists are now trying to reconnect penguin and prey
Sokoke Scops Owl © Peter Steward
15 Mar 2017

Mapping the world's most threatened bird habitats

A new Story Map, produced by BirdLife, highlights vital endangered birding habitats in Africa, and showcases some success stories from Australia.
Typical wind turbines for generating energy © Samantha Ralston
14 Mar 2017

Kipeto Wind Energy Project could wipe out critically endangered birds

BirdLife International, Nature Kenya, Kenya Bird of Prey Trust and The Peregrine Fund have collectively expressed concern over a proposal to develop the Kipeto Wind Energy Project.
BirdLife team working in São Tomé's richly biodiverse forests © BirdLife
21 Feb 2017

Discovering the remarkable nature of São Tomé and Príncipe

There are undoubtedly discoveries to be made in these biodiverse islands, with the invertebrate and marine biodiversity of the archipelago particularly understudied.
Vultures feeding on a carcass at an IBA site on a farm in Chisamba, Zambia, now being targeted as a Vulture Safe Zone ©BWZ
27 Jan 2017

Helping farmers create a safe haven for vultures in Zambia

In a bid to secure a safe haven for vultures, BirdWatch Zambia has educated farm owners, managers and workers within the Chisamba IBA to protect natural habitats from man-made threats.
Loggerhead sea turtles in Kuriat Islands © Louis-Marie Préau
11 Jan 2017

The Mediterranean Basin: together for nature

After five years of conservation in the Mediterranean, our latest publication "Together" shows how the region's diverse cultures are committed to protecting its nature

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