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Throwback Thursday: Reflecting on our Global Big Day and World Migratory Bird Day 2024

This May's Global Big Day and World Migratory Bird Day was a great success for sightings and fundraising efforts. We look back on the day and stories from those involved.

In a triumphant celebration of bird migration, this May’s World Migratory Bird Day and Global Big Day involved hundreds of thousands of participants across the globe joining forces to observe and document the breathtaking diversity of migratory birds. 

Our amazing community even raised over £16,000 for BirdLife’s conservation work with more than 300 species spotted – a testament to the power of collective action.  

Watch our video, featuring highlights of our livestream and activities from May 11th below:

BirdLife staff, supporters and our Advisory Group all went out and returned with cherished sightings, such as Common Greenshank (Scotland), Red-billed Blue Magpie (China) and Common Cuckoo (Malta), to name a few. 

Days like these are about more than spotting birds – they are a chance to connect with nature, unite with like-minded people around the world and help scientists through citizen science. 

We caught up with Geoff Lim who led a team called Pangean Birders, consisting of 13 friends who live across the East Asian-Australasian Flyway from Japan to Australia through to South-East Asia.  

Through adverse weather and personal adversity, the team have been taking part for four years. Lim adds: “We participate to celebrate the creatures we love, to unite people and to advocate for change to improve the world we live in.” 

A tremendous thanks to our supporters, eBird, Global Birding’s Tim Appleton MBE and Penny Robinson, Swarovski Optik and to the World Migratory Bird Day team for their efforts. 

Three of the original Rutland Bird race team are still going strong over 40 years and now taking part in Global Big Days. © Tim Appleton