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From the first, species have been the foundational pillar of BirdLife. Birds are why BirdLife exists. They provide the rationale for our conservation programmes, they are nature’s best early warning system, and are the best ambassadors for all of nature, biodiversity, and the environment.

They are charismatic, widespread and well-studied, and can be important elements of citizen science. And birds are also a source of inspiration, embedded in our diverse cultures and languages.

Their extraordinary migrations remind us of what unites us, that our borders are man-made, and they equip us with the unique insights we need to achieve the transformational nature conservation we must have if we, indeed the planet, are to survive.

Far Eastern Curlew (Endangered) © Duade Paton

We are committed to championing the long-term future for all bird species, and we are the global authority on their status and conservation through our maintaining of the IUCN Red List for birds.

We are determined to:

  • Ensure no bird species are driven extinct  
  • Improve the status of all globally threatened species 
  • Monitor and ensure we keep common birds common  
  • Conserve flagship groups that are vulnerable to specific like parrots, seabirds, songbirds etc. that are the subject to specific threats such as the bird trade, IKB, hunting, by-catch, invasive predators, etc. 

How you can help protect species

Become a species champion

Do your part to protect a globally threatened bird that means the most to you.

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Our evidence-backed approach ensures your money will always go where it’s needed most.