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Every Bird Counts

Climate change is not a future concern, it is disrupting life on our planet for nature and people right now. If we don’t act fast, many species of birds and the places they depend upon will be lost forever.

We can’t afford to lose birds, vital habitats, and the planet we call home.

But right now, by not acting, that is what will be lost forever.

To help our climate, we need to address biodiversity loss, provide nature-based solutions and ensure the way we produce electricity is nature friendly.

We’ve been on the frontline of conservation for over 100 years, and we’ve never needed your help more.

From tropical forests in Indonesia to grasslands in Argentina, we are working with Partners globally to reduce the impact of climate change on people and nature.

We’re pinpointing and protecting vulnerable bird species, conserving the most vital habitats, and working to deliver ambitious action for a positive future for climate, nature and people.

Birds are with us every day. It makes them powerful messengers for the natural world but climate change is acting as an accelerator to their extinction.

Your support remains a cornerstone in our conservation, science, and policy initiatives worldwide, which is driving our work to protect habitats, conduct research, and put in place crucial measures to save birds. Our evidence-backed approach ensures your money will always go where it’s needed most.

Donate today

£ 30
could help advance our understanding of how climate change affects birds and their critical habitats, from the tropical forests in Indonesia to the Arctic tundra
£ 50
could help us to assess how climate change is affecting the delivery of benefits to people from nature
£ 100
could help us to scale up nature-based solutions that deliver benefits to both nature and people across forests, grasslands and wetlands around the world
£ 250
could support cutting-edge scientific research on how climate change is impacting Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas, and the solutions needed
£ 500
could help us to advocate for local, national and regional policies that put nature at the heart of decision making

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