Science: Our Starting Point

All of BirdLife’s programmes of work are underpinned by scientific research. It is science which is used to set priorities, inform action on the ground, and shape policy and advocacy. Through our commitment to rigorous data-gathering and analysis, we ensure that scarce resources are targeted effectively. We identify the species at greatest risk of extinction, the most significant conservation sites, the most urgent threats to address, the policies that we can influence and use for improved biodiversity conservation, and the most appropriate and effective responses.
BirdLife Partners undertake scientific research and priority setting at a national level. These efforts are supported by the BirdLife Secretariat, working in close collaboration with a broad range of universities, academic institutes, government agencies, non-governmental organisations and other bodies. This work generates a vast array of data and information which the Secretariat manages in extensive global datasets (tabular, textual and spatial) on species, sites and other aspects of conservation. The data, including case-studies, analyses and syntheses are freely available through the 
State of the World’s Birds.