Conservation Leadership Programme (CLP)

The Conservation Leadership Programme (CLP) is a partnership between BirdLife InternationalFauna & Flora International, and the Wildlife Conservation Society.

Started in 1985 by BirdLife, the Conservation Leadership Programme (formerly known as the BP Conservation Programme), supports the vital work of the next generation of conservation professionals who are helping to drive practical projects that address global conservation issues; from assessing the threat status of threatened birds in China, to protecting sharks in Brazil and trees in Egypt.

The focus is global, and as such the Conservation Leadership Programme fits well within BirdLife’s Partnership-based approach to conservation. The Programme focuses on many locations with BirdLife Partners, offering support to young conservationists living and working in the following places: AfricaAsia, East/South Eastern Europe, the Middle East, the PacificLatin America and the Caribbean. Countries designated by the World Bank as ‘high-income economies’ and countries with US Sanctions are not eligible for CLP support. Exceptions to these criteria include some high-income economies located in tropical areas of high biological diversity, including the Pacific, Caribbean Islands and the Middle East.

Initiatives that the Conservation Leadership Programme supports include: team awards, training, internships, and opportunities for network development - skills that are of utmost importance in helping develop future leaders within the conservation field.

Over its 30-year history, the Conservation Leadership Programme has supported nearly 3,000 individuals in this way, many of whom have continued working in the fields of conservation and development. In an overwhelming number of cases, projects initiated by these individuals continue and grow from the Programme’s initial support.

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