10 Jan 2011

Threatened Birds of the World

By Rory Mccann

Edited by Alison J Stattersfield and David R Capper, 852 pages £52.99  BUY NOW This book covers all 1200 species now threatened with global extinction. The threats to each species are described, with an evaluation of conservation measures so far and targets for the future. Each entry includes an illustration and identification information, a distribution map, and detailed information on range, population and recent records. Appendices include descriptions of lower-risk species, an annotated list of extinct species, and a country-by-country listing of threatened birds. "Arguably the most important ornithological work of the new Millennium so far... anyone with more than a passing interest in the World's birds has a responsibility to do buy this book" - British Birds. "This book is an inspiration. It will make people get out and fight to save the world's endangered birds and their habitats" - New Scientist.