10 Jan 2011

Seabirds on Islands: Threats, Case Studies and Action Plans

By Rory Mccann

Edited by DN Nettleship, J Burger and M Gochfeld, 318 pages Out of Print A series of 16 case studies from around the world (including Indonesia, Greenland, Indian Ocean islands, the Galapagos and the West Indies) examines the critical conservation issues affecting island-nesting seabirds, and the solutions that have been found for them. This book provides a repository of experience that can be applied elsewhere because, as the editors assert, `Seabird conservation can be attained only through unprecedented levels of cooperation among seabird biologists and the institutions and organisations that support them.' "By far the most detailed review of the status, numbers and threats to seabirds, as well as an inspiration for planning or imagining trips to remote island groups" - The Auk. "Essential references for anyone with a serious concern for seabirds and island conservation" - Ibis.