1 Apr 2011

Sat Nav parrots show way to go

By Adrian Long

MotMot, a major satellite navigation company named after a Neotropical bird family, has been working closely with BirdLife International after their research showed that both men and women respond more favourably to Sat Nav directions voiced by talking birds such as parrots. It is well known that a great source of stress between the sexes is map reading and giving and taking directions when driving. Whilst the invention of the Sat Nav was hoped to lessen the tension between the sexes it was found that males don’t respond well to directions given by female voices and vice versa. Medical experiments showed that the level of the hormone cortisol in the blood, an indication of stress, were much lower in both sexes when taking directions from cockatoos. “We believe that by using talking parrots we will have less road rage and accidents on our highways”  said Olof Prila, a spokeperson from MotMot. "With sales of the new parrot voices set to soar we expect the sound of 'pieces of eight' to be heard not only across our highways but in our shop tills", commented Olof. "Birds have been migrating across the globe for millenia. It's apt that they are now helping people to do the same." It may be an April Fool but could this story be in fact true? You can help BirdLife to give birds a safe journey by donating to our conservation work.