4 Dec 2015

Re-COP - Day 5 at the United Nations Climate Summit in Paris, France

Not to confuse matters - will stick with the #COP21 hashtag...
By Finlay Duncan

Welcome to Paris; the capital of France and, for the next two weeks, the world's climate capital. Thousands of people, including 151 world leaders, from 195 countries have descended on the 'Parc des Expositions Paris le Bourget' site aiming to agree on a deal which will reduce global carbon emissions. Below you can follow Team BirdLife and some of the main talking points at COP21.

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Day 5 - Friday 4th December

19:00 - Rounding off the blog for another day and, from my perspective, from Paris! I'm off back to Brussels, but my colleague will be taking the baton for week 2, so we'll still have Re-COP in the days to come. You'll find a shorter weekend edition here on Saturday and Sunday before we return properly on Monday. As the deadline edges ever-closer, can we reach a final text this weekend on the road to a final agreement next week? Time will tell. The conversation continues on our social media channels (detailed above) - but for now, cheerio!

Tomorrow is 'Action Day' at COP21 - let's hope it lives up to its name! We'll see you at the Global Landscapes Forum over this weekend at the  Palais des Congrès:

18:00 - 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize in Climate Action Network's Fossil Of The Day awards ALL go to Saudi Arabia, for snubbing the 1.5degree target:

17:00 - How green is COP? Perhaps to address fears that having national delegations fly in from all corners of the world is perhaps not the greenest thing to do for our planet, there are a few things the organisers have done to add a sustainable touch to the proceedings.
This sculpture outside the summit is made up of lots of little ‘Aeroleafs’, which act as mini-wind turbines:

Every meeting room and space in the COP complex is made up of wooden walls like this:

For drinks – you can either refill the water bottle you were given with your welcome pack at any number of these water fountains, or if you fancy something stronger, coffees and teas all come in these reusable cups:

16:30 - BirdLife Africa's Olivia Adhiambo's hearing from Prince Albert II of Monaco at a side event on the role of oceans in tackling climate change - give her a follow:

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16:00 - This weekend sees the Global Landscapes Forum take place, a little closer to the centre of Paris, at the Palais des Congrès. BirdLife will be there, so do come and see us, with more information on the events here: http://www.landscapes.org/glf-2015/
Happening on site at the moment - a Climate Action Event on Investor Actions on Climate Change and the Lima-Paris Action Agenda is focussing on short-lived climate pollutants.

15:00 – The next in our 60 Second COP video series (as well as being slightly longer than 60s!) features not one, not two, but FOUR of our BirdLife Team here at COP21 – (from left-right) Narendra Man Babu (from our Nepalese Partner Bird Conservation Nepal), Sebastian Scholz (from our German Partner NABU), Edward Perry and Melanie Heath (both from our BirdLife HQ in Cambridge). They're giving us some brief thoughts on this first week of COP21:

14:00 - Didn't have a chance to share this earlier - delegations urged not to 'duck' out of including adaptation in the final text - organised by Care, a model duck was handed over for each of the national delegations #ClimateDucks:


13:20 - Happening now - Press Conference with COP21 President, Laurent Fabius, and UNFCCC Executive Secretary, Christiana Figueres, - follow here:

13:00 - Parisian Flair? The complex at Le Bourget is a bit outside the city (as near to Charles de Gaulle airport as the centre of Paris), but the organisers are definitely making sure there are touches of Paris everywhere - from the French bread, to iconic Paris press shops, and even a smaller-scale Eiffel Tower:

12:00 - Team Meeting for Friday, slightly later than usual because of the UNFCCC briefing - discussing the latest bridging text coming out.

11:00 - UNFCCC Executive Secretary, Christiana Figueres, currently briefing observers in Hall 6:

10:30 - A worrying interview with the EU's Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy, Miguel Arias Cañete, in which he believes not enough is being done for an agreement to be reached in time - this from Euractiv here. Meanwhile, Education Day is being marked over at the Climate Generations space:

10:00 - A demonstration on loss and damage outside Hall 4 at COP21 - helping developing countries cope with the effects of climate change must be a key part of the agreement:


09:30 - So what's ahead today? A new draft text was due at 8am this morning, though doesn't seen to have appeared yet. Today is 'Education Day' at COP21 (here's hoping lessons are learned from past COPs), the Lima-Paris Action Agenda is focussing on climate finance and NGO Care is urging parties not to 'duck' the problem of adaptation (more on this shortly).
The daily programme is available from the UNFCCC's website here.

09:00 - We're coming towards the end of the first week of COP21. Some details from yesterday; the daily ECO newsletter at COP is this morning reporting hearing a group of countries are trying to phase out 'ambition' in the finance text part of the draft agreement. Why's that important? It's a key part of the text for gradually phasing out support/subsidies for fossil fuel energy sources. The Renewables Grid Initiative (RGI), an alliance of electricity grid operators and nature conservation organisations (including BirdLife), is calling for countries to commit to phasing out fossil fuel emissions entirely by 2050 - more on this here. Much talk also of the slow pace of the talks on an agreement - this article from Deutsche Welle paints a rather gloomy picture as we approach the halfway point of COP21.

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