10 Dec 2015

Re-COP - Day 11 from Paris at the UN climate summit

By Luca Bonaccorsi in Paris and the BirdLife Team in Brussels

Welcome to Paris; the capital of France and, for the next two weeks, the world's climate capital. Thousands of people, including 151 world leaders, from 195 countries have descended on the 'Parc des Expositions Paris le Bourget' site aiming to agree on a deal which will reduce global carbon emissions. Below you can follow Team BirdLife and some of the main talking points at COP21.

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Day 11 - Thursday 10th December

16:00 - Reports no new draft text today until 7pm Paris time. Various points still to be negotiated:

15:00 - An informative infographic from the good people at ClimateTracker on getting an agreement at COP21 here:

14:00 - We've been discussing our climate change report, The Messengers, with some COP21 big hitters from Italy - Italian Environment Minister, Gian Luca Galletti, has a copy:

As does the President of Italy's Puglia/Apulia region, Michele Emiliano - you can get yours here:

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13.00 - So here we are, crunch time at COP21. With little more than 24 hours to go tensions are mounting around the final text of the Agreement. Yesterday we had Draft 2. We gave it a quick look and issued our first preliminary set of comments (see below our update from 11:00). Essentially, just as expected, the political drive to strike a deal is still there. Which is good. But all main issues are still open/unresolved. This is normal because they are all related and therefore no single measure will be fixed until everything is agreed upon. The main "blocks" (ambition, finance, differentiation) are all still open. Plus some, only apparently, technical ones, like the review process. Negotiators went on until 5am after Draft 2 was released yesterday. Today it will be even worse. A new text is expected by 3pm. Then plenary tonight. We will read carefully the new text (Draft 3, the penultimate) and post our comments here.

Stay tuned!

12:30 - A visit to the BirdLife stand from Dr. Nirmal Jivan Shah, who's the Chief Executive of our Seychelles Partner, Nature Seychelles. He's also acting as a special envoy for the country's president at COP21:

12:00 - Our latest update following shortly:

11:00 - Some thoughts from Team BirdLife following yesterday's presentation of a new draft text, reduced from 44 to 29 pages, with 75% of the brackets (topics lacking an agreement) removed. Key things remain to be decided on the issues of differentiation, finance and ambition.

Melanie Heath, Director of Science, Policy and Information at BirdLife International: "In general, we welcome the growing ambition to limit temperature increases to 1.5°C. Unfortunately we are afraid this headline target could be an empty shell. The draft Agreement is not specific enough on how the target should be achieved. It does not provide the means to achieve it and is vague on the review process. It is however a positive fact that there is a strong political will to reach an agreement. The next 48 hours will be critical."

Edward Perry, Global Climate Change Policy Coordinator at BirdLife International: “The draft agreement goes some way to recognise the critical role of nature in combating climate change and helping people adapt. However, there is no commitment to ensure that climate change responses will not harm ecosystems.”

John Lanchbery, Principal Climate Change Adviser at RSPB (BirdLife's Partner in the UK): “There are some positive aspects of course. The draft Agreement currently endorses and reaffirms the critical role of REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation). And the rules on land accountancy are satisfactory. At present.”

09:00 - Good morning from Paris - where negotiations continued late into last night. Here's the programme of the day from the UNFCCC:

More soon