9 Dec 2015

Re-COP - Day 10 at the Paris COP21 summit on climate change

By Luca Bonaccorsi in Paris and the BirdLife Team in Brussels

Welcome to Paris; the capital of France and, for the next two weeks, the world's climate capital. Thousands of people, including 151 world leaders, from 195 countries have descended on the 'Parc des Expositions Paris le Bourget' site aiming to agree on a deal which will reduce global carbon emissions. Below you can follow Team BirdLife and some of the main talking points at COP21.

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Day 10 - Wednesday 9th December

16:00 - BirdLife's Edward Perry has a copy of the new draft text (which you can read here) - we'll have some thoughts on it shortly:

15:00 - The Committee of Paris is first delayed, then meets only briefly at COP21 - a new draft text is trailed by COP21 President, Laurent Fabius. It is significantly shorter than the version released on Saturday we're told, down to 29 pages with 75% of the bracketed text removed. The Committee will meet back at 8pm tonight to discuss. As for the content, the text is being handed out in the plenary room, with a copy now online here: 

14:30 - A new short film by Jeff Horowitz featuring Dr. Jane Goodall has just been shown at the IUCN pavilion at COP21 - called 'Stop The Burning', it incorporates the voices of 30 global leaders during the World Economic Forum in Davos speaking out to save our planet by saving our forests. For more information, click the image below:

14:00 - Our CEO, Patricia Zurita, has been speaking to TckTckTck from COP21 - you can see the interview here:



13.00 - Today the biggy at the COP is clearly the release of draft 2 (of the notorious, much expected Treaty). It was expected at 13:00. But they've already announced it's been delayed till 3pm.

Our latest intelligence suggests that:

· The ambitious 1.5°C target could be in there. Of course for this to happen compromises are probably being made: no strict timeframe (1.5° yes but... in some undetermined future) and dropping the language on decarbonistaion (apparently Saudi’s request). India, however, opposes it (and strict reviews) because it would require substantial re-writing of its NDCs (i.e. its plans to reduce emissions).

·  French Minister Fabius has said informally: there will be an agreement but don’t expect too much from it (we knew that much!).

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On Markets: EU + Brazil very keen on keeping CDMs (Clean Develeopment Mechanisms) alive. Although the EU has already said it will not be using those credits in the new ETS. Most developing countries seem to want CDMs (even when few use them). It is a rather technical issue. We might go back to this.

Guardian article revealed a “coalition of the willing” including EU, less developed and small island nations (more than 100 countries) has formed. The coalition clearly serves the purpose of rebalancing the G77+China one. What role will it have in negotiations? Stay tuned and you'll know (basically the richer countries (EU members, US etc.) have found allies to counter China+India etc).

This is going to be a fun fun day. Stay tuned!

10:00 - BirdLife's Director of Science, Melanie Heath, has been speaking with the President of Kiribati, Anote Tong, and presented him with a copy of our climate change report The Messengers  (you can take a look at it here). Kiribati (a collection of 33 islands) is one of a number of island nations whose very existence is under threat from rising sea levels. They're also part of the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS), who's banded together to give their countries a louder voice:

09:30 - An important message from Amnesty International and Greenpeace (which we thought we'd share here) - a strong joint appeal from them with a clear demand - 100% of of our energy should come from renewables by 2050:

09:00 - A new draft Paris text to be presented at the 'Committee of Paris' at 1pm this afternoon:

More soon