1 Apr 2014

Plight of Spring messengers should be taken more seriously

Migrant birds face increasing challenges on their journeys all over the world
By Adrian Long

A White Stork has been observed migrating north to Europe trailing a banner announcing the coming of Spring.

Bird experts from around the BirdLife Partnership are at a loss to explain this remarkable sighting.

One BirdLife source, who preferred to remain anonymous, thinks the stunt is an attempt to gain more  recognition for the ever increasing hardship and danger that many migratory birds are facing.

“Migratory birds may own the skies travelling in their billions along invisible flyways. But the skies are not enough! Coming down to earth there are increasing dangers and threats that migrants endure on their long journeys.”

"Yet their annual migrations brings joy to millions of people around the world.

I think the message is telling us to get out and enjoy the miracle of Spring migration!"

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