7 Nov 2011

Migratory species conservation in the light of climate change

By Adrian Long

BirdLife's views on the resolution Click here for pdf

BirdLife International is supporting the proposal at the Tenth Conference of Parties of  Convention of Migratory Species (CMS COP10) on addressing climate change issues for migratory species.  The draft resolution on "migratory species conservation in the light of climate change" recognises that climate change is having an adverse impact on migratory species and the phenomenon of mass migration.

It calls for participation in CMS and relevant CMS instruments, in order to promote timely conservation measures in the light of climate change. It calls for enhanced action to address the needs of migratory species, including through vulnerability assessment, adaptive management, monitoring and capacity building and specifically Parties to develop guidelines on measures needed to assist migratory species adapt to climate change.

The resolution links and relates to other relevant resolutions across the Convention, emphasising the integrated and urgent responses that are needed Migratory species are likely to be highly impacted by climate change, and further research and especially monitoring are needed to assess vulnerability and guide conservation action.  "Climate change is a key and increasing threat to migratory species and urgent action is needed, often at the flyway scale," said Melanie Heath, BirdLife's Head of Policy.