1 Sep 2014

A message from Martha

A nesting captive Passenger Pigeon in 1896: once billions nested in mature forests.
By Shaun Hurrell

On September 1st 1914, when a Passenger Pigeon named Martha died in Cincinnati Zoo, Ohio, USA, the world lost its most abundant bird species for ever. Today we contemplate the extinction of Passenger Pigeon with a minute's silence and renew our commitment to preventing extinctions and achieving sustainable development. Read this excellent World Birdwatch article by Mark Avery to find out how billions of birds in North America became none, and what this means for us today:



Preventing Extinctions

 The BirdLife Preventing Extinctions Programme is counteracting an increasingly diverse array of threats to birds by delivering conservation action, underpinned by science, where it is most needed to prevent other species from passing like the Passenger Pigeon.