7 Sep 2012

IUCN WCC Day 2: Where can I find information on all the world’s bird species?

By ali stattersfield

It’s Day 2 of the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Jeju, the Republic of Korea, where over 8,000 delegates from around the world are meeting to explore many of our most pressing environmental and development challenges, and how nature is intricately linked to solving these issues. BirdLife is well represented at the meeting, with around 30 BirdLife Partners and several Secretariat staff attending and involved in over 20 events, including workshops and ‘knowledge cafes’. Much of what will be presented at this congress by BirdLife is already publicly available through our online Data Zone. To celebrate this fantastic resource, each day this week we are launching a postcard that explains what is available. Today’s postcard is about our information on bird species. As the official IUCN Red List Authority for birds, the BirdLife Secretariat coordinates the annual assessment of the status of the world’s birds, involving the BirdLife Partners and thousands of experts worldwide. Species Factsheets provide comprehensive and authoritative accounts for each of the world’s >10,000 recognised bird species, with information on biology, distribution, threats and actions. A key event today was the launch of the ‘IUCN situation analysis on East and Southeast Asian intertidal habitats’. This report shows that many of the waterbirds that migrate along the East Asian–Australasian Flyway are threatened, and is the basis for a Motion (which will be voted on by Governments and IUCN Members later in the congress) calling for concrete conservation efforts, particularly in the Yellow Sea.  

Download today’s postcard Download Asian coastal wetlands leaflet     See all six posts from the World Conservation Congress BirdLife’s ‘State of the world’s birds’ work has been made possible through the generous support of the Aage V. Jensen Charity Foundation.