9 Sep 2010

From hotspots to Protected Areas ‚Äê moving forward on marine habitat conservation for seabirds

By Nick Askew

This workshop session will build on the two previous paper sessions looking at “Methods for identifying hotspots for seabirds at sea” and the “Conversion of seabird hotspots into improved protection/management”.

The workshop will look to build on experiences to date in converting hotspots for seabirds into formal designations for special environmental protection and management.

The workshop will aim to discuss a small number (<5) of key questions under each topic. The questions will be determined based on a survey of key experts prior to the workshop. Questions will be open to the floor for discussion, and input also provided by a panel of selected experts drawn from the presenters confirmed for the paper sessions, and other relevant conference attendees.

All attendees to the workshop will be encouraged to input by filling out a brief form that will allow them to provide answers/thoughts/references to the key questions being discussed. The results from the discussions and the survey form will be compiled to provide an output paper for submission to a relevant journal.

Workshop abstract by: Ben Lascelles – BirdLife International; Gary Langham – Audubon California; Rob Ronconi – Dalhousie; Jim Reid – Joint Nature Conservancy Council. Image credit: ©BenLascelles