1 Apr 2012

Foiling climate change

By Adrian Long

After seeding the sea with iron filings to create a carbon sink, and giant mirrors which reflect the sun’s heat back into space, comes a new geo-engineering solution which aims to maintain penguin breeding colonies in the Antarctic at their optimum temperature.

Polar Foil, a miracle material made from by-products of advances in the petroleum distillation process, goes on sale to government agencies from today. A paper published simultaneously in the journal Applied Penguin Research: International Letters (1: 4, 2012) describes the expected benefits of Polar Foil, which include an immediate extension of the Antarctic ice shelf.  The paper also describes a number of other geo-engineering solutions that are in the pipeline, including raising the height of mountain-tops and pushing the coast of Eurasia northwards, to provide birds and animals that prefer it cold with somewhere to go.

A BirdLife spokesman commented: "We urgently need to find ways to arrest the causes of climate change now, instead of coming up with futuristic techno-fixes like Polar Foil.” Read more on nature and climate change here