2 Oct 2010

Empowering people to identify, conserve and monitor areas of importance for biodiversity

By Adrian Long

Date: Monday 25th October 13.15–14.45, Room: 130, Bldg 1, 3rd floor, Organisers: BirdLife International and Fundación Biodiversidad – Spain, Contacts: Alison Stattersfield, Karina Ugarte, Thandie Chikomo, Juan Criado, Refreshments Event Format 13.15–13.30 Arrive, pick up new IBA poster and eat lunch (15 minutes to get settled) 13.30–13.35 Introduction by Chair (5 minutes) Spencer Thomas (Chair of SBSSTA and National Biodiversity Coordinator of Grenada): Welcome, ‘launch’ of poster and brief overview 13.35–13.55 Presentations (20 minutes total) Alberto Yanosky (Executive Director, Guyra Paraguay and member of BirdLife Global Council): IBAs: priority sites for conservation (5 minutes) Anuradha Gupta (Director of Conservation and Protected Areas, Palau Conservation Society): IBAs supporting national policy and planning (5 minutes) Achilles Byaruhanga (Director, Nature Uganda): Empowering communities for IBA conservation (10 minutes) 13.55–14.05 Comments from Government delegates from the floor (10 minutes) 14.05–14.25 Questions and discussion facilitated by Chair (20 minutes) 14.25–14.40 Celebration of awards (15 minutes) Sonia Castañeda (International Director, Fundacion Biodiversidad): Local Conservation Groups: empowering people for change (introduce awards to outstanding Local Conservation Groups in Latin America and present to relevant government delegates) 14.40–14.45 Final thanks / wrap up by Chair (5 minutes) Important Bird Areas …

  1. are the most significant places for conserving birds and other biodiversity
  2. highlight gaps in protected area networks and support international agreements
  3. are monitored to inform policy and action
  4. are vital for livelihoods and wellbeing and a focus for local engagement in conservation