17 Oct 2012

Empowering the Grassroots Megaposter

By David Thomas

BirdLife has won the COP 11 Jury Choice Award for the “Mega-poster” exhibition and competition organised by the CBD Secretariat’s Biodiversity for Development Unit. The posters are designed to showcase the strategies and activities which contribute to achieving the Aichi Biodiversity Targets in the context of Biodiversity for Development and Poverty Eradication. BirdLife’s poster, Empowering the Grassroots (6MB), highlights some of the work BirdLife Partners do with communities at IBAs in every part of the world. BirdLife Partners in over 110 countries are working to empower networks of organisations, rooted locally, for the conservation and sustainable management of the places where they live. Worldwide, these Local Conservation Groups are present at over 2000 priority biodiversity sites, creating a network that connects people nationally and across continents, implementing locally-relevant conservation, and providing opportunities for international knowledge exchange, influence and advocacy. The examples show how LCG projects can achieve progress on many of the Aichi Targets - especially Target 14.