10 Jan 2011

A Complete Guide to Antarctic Wildlife: The Birds and Marine Mammals of the Antarctic Continent and the Southern Ocean

By Rory Mccann

Hadoram Shirihai, 544 pages £40.00  BUY NOW This book is the first complete guide to the natural history and wildlife of this vast region, covering all the sub Antarctic islands, the Southern Ocean and the Antarctic Continent. All the region's breeding birds and marine mammals are illustrated, using colour plates, distribution maps and photographs of each species, and the species accounts are highly systematic with full reference to the many recent advances in taxonomy that have affected several species groups. Full details of the numbers, seasonal status and conservation prospects of all breeding species are provided, along with additional information covering non-breeders, migrants and vagrants. Regional chapters cover all of the sub Antarctic islands, as well as most regularly visited sites in Antarctica, and are accompanied by photos that reflect the nature of each island and maps of each area. Information on each region includes geography, climate, geology, general ecology and flora. Conservation issues are also dealt with, detailing past, present and planned actions. The final section provides information on visiting the area, including details on the best-available landing sites and notes on seasonal weather conditions and alternative options. "This is the definitive single-volume guide to the birds and mammals of the vast Antarctic region. This book will be invaluable to those interested in the region, whilst indispensable for those planning a trip south." Good Book Guide (December '07)