21 Jun 2012

Commitment of missing Head of States to RIO+20 questioned

By Carolina Hazin

Thursday, 1500: I'm at the plenary of the Rio Conference at this very moment listening what Heads of States or ministers have to say to the world. Morales, president of Boliviaclaims that environment should not be marketised and the debt of the capitalist countries to developing ones is huge: "nature is invaluable and it belongs to people." The President of Micronesia calls for a blue economy, for sustainable use and conservation of the oceans, which they heavily depend on. The oceans are not having the deserved attention and countries should be aware of the its values and how climate change can affect the health of the oceans as well as its consequences to the small islands states. The President of Ecuador highlights the concept of common but diferentiated responsibilities and explain that developing countries are the ones that produce the most significant natural services used by all, especially the developed world, which are by far the ones that most highly polute and consume. Developed countries should be compensated for that use.  He reminds us that 80% of the heads of state of the richest countries that have attended the G20 meeting last week in Mexico have not come toRio and ask if they are really taking it seriously.