19 Sep 2018

Children across Africa unite to celebrate World Migratory Bird Day

Just as birds fly the length of Africa on their migration, so the love of birds forms a chain linking different schools in different countries across the continent. On the 12th of May, each school celebrated World Migratory Bird Day in their own unique way. Here are just a few.

Bird watching in Djouj National Bird Park, Senegal
Bird watching in Djouj National Bird Park, Senegal
By Blandine Mélis, BirdLife Africa

Kallisaye Ornithological Reserve, Senegal

This beautiful protected area is renowned for its commitment to educating children. On World Migratory Bird Day, it launched a 48-hour programme of activities, all built around unifying voices for the protection of migratory birds.The reserve showed a series of wildlife films, and in the field, children learned to identify birds and enthusiastically pitched in to clean up waste from around birds’ breeding sites.

Réservé Ornithologique Kalissaye


Transboundary Biosphere Reserve, Senegal River Delta

In a truly boundary-crossing event, Nature Mauritania (BirdLife Mauritania) and the Association Nature Communauté-Développement (Senegal) joined forces to put on a great programme of activities at the Transboundary Biosphere Reserve of the Senegal River Delta, aided by Diawling National Park and Djoudj National Bird Park.  Children from both sides of the border enjoyed birdwatching walks and distinguished themselves by making extraordinary drawings and songs about the migratory birds they encountered along the border.




Rusizi National Park, Burundi

Once again, ABN (BirdLife in Burundi) demonstrated its extraordinary commitment to raising public awareness around bird protection, inviting both journalists and local residents to Rusizi National Park to try their hand at birdwatching and identification.



Guinea Bissau


ODZH in Guinea Bissau put on a wealth of activities aimed at different ages and interests. Children went out into the field to learn about importance of migratory birds, using the experience as inspiration for a drwing competition and a play staged at the Catholic school in São Paulo. A radio program also raised awareness among the general public.




Delving deep into the cultural and historical importance of Africa’s birds, the Association of Friends of Birds in Tunisia (Birdlife Partner) organized a fascinating seminar on "The Bird in Tunisia's Heritage".



Ivory Coast

Celebrating World Migratory Bird Day at the same time as the 25th anniversary of the Convention on Biological Diversity proved a great opportunity to promote the AfriBiRds Project.



Bangr-Weoogo Urban Park, Burkina Faso

There’s nothing like a good field trip, and Naturama (BirdLife in Burkina Faso) certainly delivered. The children met at the Bangr-Weoogo Urban Park in Ouagadougou and learned to recognize the all the migratory birds present. Following this outing, a drawing competition on the beauty of birds was organized in the classroom. The results were, as always, breathtaking.