27 Jun 2013

CEMEX and BirdLife launch new shared vision for nature conservation

The CEMEX-BirdLife document was launched at an event at the BirdLife World Congress (image: S. Hurrell)
By Charlie Butt

CEMEX S.A.B. de C.V., (NYSE: CX) in collaboration with BirdLife International developed a new inspiring publication that captures the company’s approach to biodiversity conservation.

The launch of The CEMEX approach to Biodiversity Conservation signals significant progress in the company’s ten-year global conservation partnership with BirdLife International, the world’s largest civil society partnership for nature.

“CEMEX takes its responsibility as a steward for the environment very seriously. This is why the company took this opportunity to capture experiences - from helping conserve important wildlife sites to creating habitat for threatened species - gained from international conservation partnerships from Mexico to Malaysia and share them with the wider BirdLife Partnership,” 

said Luis Farias, CEMEX’s Senior Vice President of Energy and Sustainability.

“Saving nature makes good business sense because it helps CEMEX to effectively plan ahead and, as this report shows, is needed now more than ever given the challenges faced by birds and the environment."

"Our partnership with BirdLife enables us to create effective local partnerships with BirdLife Partners (environmental NGOs), which adds immense value to our ongoing efforts to ensure that biodiversity thrives around our operations.”

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This new publication is for CEMEX operations and for BirdLife Partners

Noteworthy Achievements

  • In 2010, the partnership completed a groundbreaking scoping study of 543 CEMEX sites worldwide in terms of their proximity to areas of high biodiversity. A call to action, the scoping study prioritizes the operational sites where efforts to identify, protect, enhance, and restore biodiversity are most urgently needed.
  • At the end of 2011, the partnership officially launched the CEMEX-Birdlife Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) standard. This standard provides a uniform framework for identifying, protecting, and enhancing biodiversity at a site, including stages for biodiversity surveys, stakeholder engagement, and sustainable site management.
  • Currently, six BAP pilot projects are up and running in Mexico, the USA, the UK, Spain, Malaysia, and the Dominican Republic. Almost all of these projects, which are located within each CEMEX region, are underpinned by national partnerships with BirdLife Partners.

Looking forward, CEMEX plans to establish BAP projects at additional high priority sites – identified in the CEMEX-BirdLife Scoping Study – by 2015. Supported by CEMEX’s team in Switzerland, CEMEX and BirdLife have worked together since 2007 to increase the environmental sustainability of CEMEX’s operations globally, minimize business risk whilst creating opportunities for BirdLife Partners to conserve important sites for biodiversity. The company is also working with BirdLife to develop new training initiatives for CEMEX staff as part of our communications strategy, which will help generate momentum for new activities to conserve biodiversity. The CEMEX-BirdLife document was launched at a bespoke event at the BirdLife World Congress, which highlighted experiences from CEMEX-BirdLife global collaborations and was represented by conservationists and practitioners from 17 nationalities from across the BirdLife Partnership.

View a PDF of The CEMEX approach to Biodiversity Conservation

The publication is timely, since BirdLife just launched its State of the World’s Birds report. Read the full report or Visit the State of the Birds website to get more detail and read more case studies