1 Sep 2011

The BirdLife World Congress 2013 - Programme

By Rory Mccann

  The congress will include regional and global partnership meetings with discussions on governance and business, a series of thematic sessions focussing on programmes and topics such as Preventing Extinctions, Key Biodiversity Areas, Forests of Hope and Saving our Oceans and, to finish with, a celebration of BirdLife's 90th anniversary.   Programme summary * 17th June: Regional Partnership meetings (optional) * 18-19th June: Business sessions (Global Partnership Meeting), only for BirdLife Network and officers * 20-21st June: Thematic sessions open to external audiences - concurrent * 21st June: BirdLife 90th Anniversary Gala Dinner * 22nd June: BirdLife Partnership plenary session – a plenary session with the whole BirdLife Partnership celebrating successes and looking forward to the future of BirdLife * 23- 30th June: Rare Bird Club Trip to the Canadian Arctic The Birdlife World Congress will be a great opportunity for representatives of agencies, governments, conventions and scientific bodies to come together to discuss the future direction of global conservation. "I am very excited about this unique and special event and am sure that it will be a huge success", said Marco Lambertini, Chief Executive of BirdLife International. The next BirdLife World Congress will be held between the 20th and 22nd of June 2013 at the Ottawa Convention Centre in Canada.