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Local to Global

This brochure describes BirdLife’s ‘local to global’ approach to conservation in Africa, benefiting biodiversity and people by empowering local organisations. It is illustrated using six case studies from Francophone Africa.

From Local to Global - LCGs in Africa (LPO) English.pdf (4.59 MB)

From Local to Global - LCGs in Africa (LPO) French.pdf (4.7 MB)


An Introduction to Conservation and Human Rights for BirdLife Partne​rs

An Introduction to Conservation and Human Rights for BirdLife Partners provides an overview of some of the human rights relevant to a conservation context.

Download "An Introduction to Conservation and Human Rights for BirdLife Partne​rsin English

Descarga "Una Introducción a la Conservación y a los Derechos Humanos Para los Socios de BirdLife International" in Español



Empowering the Grassroots

One of the BirdLife Partnership’s most distinctive approaches to conservation is to work with local groups, which are currently active at over 2,000 Important Bird Areas –priority sites for bird conservation- worldwide. Empowering the Grassroots examines the work of Important Bird Area Local Conservation Groups around the world. 

Download the "Empowering the Grassroot" brochure



Partners with nature report

Partners with Nature published by BirdLife International, includes 14 examples of BirdLife Partners’ work with vulnerable communities that provide adaptation benefits.
Download the "partners with nature report"




Partners for Sustainability report

Partners for Sustainability– What BirdLife is doing for People and the Planet, highlights BirdLife’s work around the world which combines biodiversity conservation with sustainable development. 

Download "Partner for Sustainability report" in English
Descarga "Socios para la Sustentabilidad" in Español
Téléchargez "Des partnenaires pour un monde durable" en Français


Listening to Local Voices

‘Livelihoods and the environment at Important Bird Areas: Listening to local voices’, is the result of a number of ‘Participatory Poverty Assessments’ carried out by BirdLife Partners in fourteen nations across the Americas, Africa and Asia.
The report presents the findings of these assessments, giving new information on the lives of local people at Important Bird Areas (IBAs), their perceptions and experiences of poverty and the role of the environment in people’s lives.

Download "Listening to Local Voices"


A review of Local Conservation Groups in Africa

The BirdLife Partners in Africa produced a report on their experience of working with Local Conservation Groups (called Site Support Groups – SSGs in Africa). 

Download the "Review of Local Conservation Groups in Africa"




Conserving biodiversity, improving livelihoods

Nine case studies from around the world show that poverty elimination and biodiversity conservation are issues that must be tackled side-by-side.
The report highlights how steps can be taken to tackle poverty by conserving biodiversity, through supporting sustainable management of environmental resources by local communities.

Download "Conserving biodiversity, improving livelihoods"



Biodiversity conservation and local communities report

BirdLife’s report about Biodiversity conservation and local communities.

Download "Biodiversity conservation and local communities" in English
Descarga "Conservación de la Biodiversidad y las Comunidades Locales" in Español



Conserving Biodiversity In Africa: Guidelines for applying the Site Support Group Approach

It provides a step-by-step guide to establishing and managing Site Support Groups. Site Support Groups (also known as IBA Local Conservation Groups and Caretaker Groups) are organised, independent groups of volunteers who work with their communities, with the national BirdLife Partner and with other organisations to promote conservation and sustainable development at Important Bird Areas and other key biodiversity sites. 

Download "Conserving Biodiversity In Africa" in English
Téléchargez "Conservation De La Biodiversite En Afrique" en Français


Good for Nature, Good for People

Good for Nature, Good for People brings together the key lessons learnt from BirdLife International’s Improving Livelihoods Projects in Africa.

Download "Good for Nature, Good for People"




Building Partnerships

Building Partnerships – working together for conservation and development shares experiences, and supports lesson-learning within the BirdLife International Partnership. With a focus on cross-sectoral partnerships formed at the project or local level, and based on a review of 6 case studies.

Download "Building Partnerships"



Poverty, Biodiversity and Local Organisations: Lessons from BirdLife International

This paper discusses why working with local organisations can be an important entry point for conservation and poverty reduction, and describes the experience of BirdLife International’s Local Conservation Group approach.

Dowload "Poverty, Biodiversity and Local Organisations: Lessons from BirdLife International"




Conserving Nature, Improving Lives

Lessons learnt, Best practices and Recommendations From Livelihood Improvements Initiatives in Africa

Download "Conserving Nature, Improving Lives"




Capacity Assessment Tool (CAT) For Site Support Groups (SSGs) BirdLife Africa Partnership

The secretariat has developed a standard Capacity Assessment Tool (CAT) for use to evaluate SSG capacity status across the African network. This will provide a standard baseline to understand the aggregate capacity strengths and challenges of each SSG.

Download "Capacity Assessment Tool (CAT) For Site Support Groups (SSGs)"


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