Capacity Development Fund Testimonials

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Below a few organisations explain why they applied for a Capacity Development Grant, what they did with the grant, and how it has helped further their work.



    Large Grant - A New Fundraising Strategy

    When CZIP first applied to the fund it was for a Small Grant to develop a fundraising strategy. The strategy proposed was to establish a tourism company that would provide bird-watching tours within Montenegro. The tours would focus on Protected Areas already covered by CZIP, thus providing benefits to communities around those areas. The development of this strategy led to CZIP being awarded a Large Grant to develop this eco-tourism enterprise.

    We were delighted to receive the Large Grant from the CDF. This will help secure the future sustainability of CZIP by investing in its commercial activities to raise unrestricted income. - Jovana Janjušević, Executive Director, CZIP



    Small Grant - Overhauling Accounting

    The Small Grant that was awarded to AAO allowed us to move from an external accounting service to internal accounting. This improved our analytic accounting, made the information from financial management systems more timely, and helped to avoids errors and loss in information, enabling better financial planning and risk reduction.

    "After only two months there has already been huge benefirt for AAO. In the name of my organisation I would like to thank everyone who supported us." - Claudia Feltrup-Azafzaf, Executive Director of AAO


    A Strategic Plan For Growth

    Thanks to the CDF, Nature Mauritainie has embarked on a process to develop a strategic plan to guide growth of the organisation. We face serious challenges in conserving nature, especially in the face of the intensification of development. Our new strategy will build on our current success and set use on a path toward becoming a stronger conservation NGO.

    In my opinion, the CDF's strength lies in the supervision and technical support of the BirdLife Secretariat at all levels. For Nature Mauritania and hopefully all the partners concerned, the CDF is seen as the ONLY opportunity to move towards technical and financial empowerment. -  Djibril Diallo, Executive Director of Nature Mauritainie