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The partnership with BirdLife will support 

Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050


‘to reduce the environmental impact as close to zero as possible

and realise a net positive impact’


Currently, BirdLife International and Toyota Motor Corporation run two projects.


1)      Car Donation Program

In 2016, BirdLife International and Toyota Motor Corporation launched a 5-year project to support vital conservation work for Red List species in which Toyota is donating cars to BirdLife Partner organizations. These cars will be used to ensure effective and efficient delivery of conservation projects targeting Red List species whose habitats can be accessed only through rough terrain.

So far, six cars were donated to the BirdLife Partners (Links to the videos from the recipient Partners on how the donated cars are accelerating their work).

2016: Pronatura Sur (Mexico) and BirdLife South Africa (South Africa)

2017: SAVE Brasil (Brazil) and Viet Nature Conservation Centre (Vietnam)

2018: Burung Indonesia (Indonesia) and BirdLife Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe)



2)  PRISM (Practical Impact Assessment Methods for Small and Medium-sized Conservation Projects)

As a further commission, Toyota is supporting the development of PRISM (Practical Impact Assessment Methods for Small and Medium-sized Conservation Projects). This project aims to develop guidance materials and build capacity for evaluating the impacts of small and medium-sized conservation projects. Evaluating the impacts (positive and negative) generated by conservation projects is essential for enabling practitioners to learn from experience, take informed decisions and effectively communicate project results. However, existing evaluation methods are often unsuitable for small and medium-sized projects, which are tend to have limited capacity and resources to dedicate to evaluation.

With Toyota’s support, we have expanded and accelerated development of PRISM. Since 2016, Toyota have supported the overall coordination of the project as well as pilot evaluations for the projects in Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, and Africa. These pilot evaluations will provide valuable feedback to improve the guidance and training materials developed by PRISM and provide useful case studies to illustrate good evaluation practice.

In 2018, we started a new phase aiming to capacity building of project practitioners and promote wide use of PRISM among multiple sectors including NGOs and donors. The first training for NGOs was held in June 2018 in UK, and the participants learned the fundamental concept of PRISM and how they can apply PRISM to their projects. We also held a side event at CBD-COP14 for promotion. Currently, we are developing training materials, with which users would become better positioned to apply impact evaluation on their projects.

Critically endangered Spoon-billed Sandpiper © Ayuwat Jearwattanakanok


Evaluation work with local people


Toyota is the first Japanese company to sign a Global Corporate Partnership agreement with BirdLife International. 




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