CEMEX - BirdLife Partnership Objectives

Increasing habitat for birds like Sand Martin at Soto Pajares quarry in Spain. Photo: Charlie Butt.

CEMEX-led objectives

  • Maintain a leadership role within the building-solutions industry regarding improved environmental management and progress towards sustainable development
  • Enhance its global position and reputation as a socially and environmentally responsible resources company, committed to sustainable development
  • Harness the knowledge and capacity of the BirdLife Partnership to help in mainstreaming and monitoring biodiversity conservation, and in developing a CEMEX Biodiversity Strategy and implementing this in its operations
  • Improve its engagement with policy and public affairs, and related communications, through working with relevant BirdLife staff, including the communications team in Cambridge, policy and advocacy team in Brussels and Americas Secretariat in Quito.
  • Raise the knowledge and skill levels of staff, both at site and corporate level, on issues of biodiversity, the environment, and sustainable development 
  • Create additional opportunities to build links to local communities through environmental conservation, in the context of CEMEX’s overall corporate social responsibility policy.


BirdLife-led objectives

  • Provide advice on general policy direction and orientation for CEMEX in achieving sustainable development with special reference to biodiversity conservation, and specifically in developing a CEMEX Biodiversity Strategy and implementing this in its operations.
  • Provide knowledge, expertise and opportunity to CEMEX to ensure that its operations are carried out in an environmentally sound manner, consistent with the goal of sustainable development
  • Strengthen its organisational management for the benefit of conservation by drawing, where appropriate, on CEMEX’s organisational and training expertise (for example, through BirdLife staff involvement in training programmes)
  • Further engage the business community and promote business leadership in the sphere of biodiversity conservation and sustainable development
  • Through integrated and collaborative action, advance its key strategic objectives, particularly with respect to the conservation of Important Bird Areas (IBAs) and Globally Threatened Birds, and capacity development of national BirdLife Partner organisations.
  • Use the significant experience gained in this partnership to inform BirdLife’s experience, reputation and approach in its engagement in strategic collaborative partnership with the corporate sector.


Shared programme objectives

  • Raise the environmental awareness, knowledge and skills of CEMEX employees, site-adjacent communities and other stakeholders
  • Seek opportunities for enhancing conditions for bird populations at CEMEX sites through improved environmental management practices, including impact avoidance, mitigation, rehabilitation and closure planning
  • Seek opportunities for minimising and off-setting net biodiversity loss at CEMEX sites through support for wider conservation initiatives
  • Seek to avoid adverse effects on threatened species and Important Bird Areas (IBAs), and promote positive contributions through stewardship
  • Seek to identify and pursue wider strategic initiatives through integrated approaches to sustainable development with targeted benefits for birds, biodiversity and people
  • Work, where possible and appropriate, with other businesses or conservation groups that partner with CEMEX and/or BirdLife, in the development of biodiversity-related projects at local, national and international levels.


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