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State of the World’s Birds is BirdLife International’s flagship science publication, using birds to assess the condition of our ecosystems as a whole. Five years in the making, this latest analysis of the scientific literature pinpoints the major trends and changes in bird populations, exploring the causes and identifying conservation solutions.

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The on-going conversion of tropical habitats to cropland could jeopardise global efforts to halt the loss of biodiversity News 5 March 2013
A new report reveals the alarming rate at which tropical habitats are being cleared to make way for crops. The scale of habitat conversion predicted in the biodiversity-rich tropics could seriously undermine society’s capacity to meet internationally-agreed conservation targets.
IUCN WCC Day 1: What do birds tell us about the state of the planet? News 6 September 2012
Over the next week, 8,000 delegates from around the world are meeting at the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Jeju, the Republic of Korea, to explore many of our most pressing environmental and development challenges, and how nature is intricately linked to solving these issues.
State of Paraguay’s birds is published News 31 July 2012
Guyra Paraguay has launched the first major report on the status of bird populations in Paraguay. The report, entitled State of Paraguay’s birds, outlines in detail the current status of the country’s birds, the threats they face and the urgent actions needed to secure their future.
First ever State of Canada's Birds report 2013
First-Ever "State of Canada’s Birds" Report Released News 27 June 2012
The report draws on 40 years of data to present an overview of how Canada’s birds are faring, inluding eight regional summaries.
New report published on the State of Bolivia’s Birds News 17 April 2012
Asociación Armonía (BirdLife in Bolivia) has just published a major report on the status of the country’s avifauna
‘State of the world’s birds’—more than just a report News 15 March 2012
BirdLife's 'State of the World's Birds' is getting bigger and better. Find out more.
State of the World's Birds News 10 January 2011
FREE download. This report is a brief summary of the information available on BirdLife’s State of the world’s birds website.
Australia's biodiversity arks News 6 December 2010
Today Australia’s leading national bird conservation organisation, Birds Australia (BirdLife Partner), has launched its annual State of Australia’s Birds report. This year’s theme, Islands and Birds, provides just a snapshot as more than 8,300 islands occur within Australia’s jurisdiction...
State of the World’s Waterbirds: in trouble in Asia, recovering in ‘the West’ News 8 November 2010
The rate of decline of waterbird populations has slightly decreased over the last three decades. However, 47% of the waterbird populations are still declining and only 16% are increasing. The status of waterbirds is improving mainly in North America and Europe, while it is least favourable in Asia. Especially long distance migrants appear to be vulnerable...
BirdLife's State of the Worlds Birds - Video News 9 April 2009
An interview with BirdLife's Head of Science - Alison Stattersfield.