Rare Bird Club

The BirdLife ‘Rare Bird Club’ is an international community of individuals determined to make a difference through their high level support.

The Club provides BirdLife International with unrestricted funding. This is the lifeblood needed to support the work of the Birdlife Global Partnership. In return, the Club provides members with a social outlet and an opportunity to meet other like-minded people, from all walks of life. Member benefits include:

  • Bespoke birding tours to see the work of BirdLife Partners in the field
  • Invitations to a programme of Club events
  • Subscription to BirdLife – the magazine


Join the BirdLife ‘Rare Bird Club’

Rare Bird Club members form the core of BirdLife's work and the regular donations make a real difference for threatened wildlife across the planet. We suggest an initial joining pledge of £5,000, which can be paid over three years, with an annual donation of £1,000 from the second year onwards. If you are interested in joining the BirdLife ‘Rare Bird Club’, please contact Sarah Proud


Sarah Proud

tel: +44 (0)1223 747524

Email rarebirdclub@birdlife.org

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