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Netherlands Bird Protection (VBN)

“Together for Birds and People”. 
Vogelbescherming Nederland is the Dutch Partner of BirdLife International, a worldwide Partnership of non-governmental conservation organisations that togethers seeks to conserve all wild bird species and the priority sites (Important Bird Areas) and habitats on which they depend. Vogelbescherming Nederland aims, through birds, to help conserve biodiversity and maintain the quality of life on Earth.

Key Activities

  • Vogelbescherming is internationally active for birds and nature in general. Worldwide thousands of bird species and their habitats are threatened. Together with our BirdLife partners from other countries, Vogelbescherming Nederland works on an international level towards structural solutions that are good for both birds and people.
  • Vogelbescherming supports important bird areas in Nederland. Vogelbescherming Nederland focuses on the protection of important bird areas such as Waddensea, IJsselmeer, Delta and several smaller nature reserves that are crucial for the long-term survival of birds. The protection, restoration and management of these areas are a top priority to Vogelbescherming.
  • Vogelbescherming works towards ‘bird-friendly’ countryside. On agricultural pastureland numbers of ‘meadow-birds’ such as  black-tailed godwit, oystercatcher and skylark are steadily decreasing. Through the influence of national policies Vogelbescherming, together with farmers, works towards a turning-point.
  • Vogelbescherming stimulates bird-friendly neighbourhoods and cities. Vogelbescherming stimulates the urban population in creating gardens that are a paradise for birds.  Together with municipality, building societies and builders, Vogelbescherming wants to build or create buildings and neighbourhoods that are bird-friendly.
  • Vogelbescherming speaks out for threatened bird species. Vogelbescherming develops special programmes focussed on bird species that are in serious trouble.  We focus on the protection of bird populations within their natural distribution. For migratory birds this is the entire migratory route: from breeding areas to wintering grounds.

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