31 Jul 2013

Te Ipukarea Society goes from strength to strength

Te Ipukarea Society board photo
The Te Ipukarea Society board

At the recent Annual General Meeting of the Te Ipukarea Society (TIS - BirdLife in the Cook Islands) a new board and committee were elected.  Together with recent staff appointments aligned to the Cook Islands Marine Park, this enhanced TIS team is bursting with energy and welcoming all the challenges that lie ahead in the next 12 months. “There has been no shortage of change in the last month at TIS” said re-elected President Ian Karika. “Not only have we got a new team, we also have new premises and we are open to welcoming in new visitors and members, hopefully lots of them!” “We are continuing our work on new and not so new projects. Our core areas of focus Biodiversity, Waste, Ecologically Sustainable Development and Youth remain as important now as they did when we were formed (as the first Cook Islands environmental NGO) in 1996.” “Our most recent task – establishing the Cook Islands Marine Park – compliments our other work and we feel privileged to have been given such a task. We are conscious we will only get one shot at successfully establishing the Marine Park and we intend to deliver on that challenge.” Following the recent AGM, the Te Ipukarea board members now comprise: Office holders: Dame Margaret Karika (Patron), Ian Karika (President), Carinna Langsford (Vice President) and Teresa Arneric (Secretary/Treasurer).