29 Aug 2012

Places You Love - Campaign launched in Australia

By BirdLife Australia

BirdLife Australia (BirdLife Partner) and an alliance of environmental organisations from across the country have launched a national campaign today to protect our nation's environmental laws. "These laws protect the things we love:  the places we love, the wildlife we love", said Dr Graeme Hamilton - CEO of BirdLife Australia. However, under the guise of cutting ‘green tape’ governments have announced an aggressive plan to wind back our environmental laws. The Places You Love campaign is a response to this proposal. The dismantling of Australia’s environmental protection laws will result in significant backwards steps for our environment at a time when we need stronger, not weaker protections. We strongly believe that the reforms proposed will set us back decades, and so have established this campaign to motivate and inspire the community to let the Federal and State Governments know that people care about environmental laws - we intend to fight for them! Dr Hamilton said Australians would not stand for big business’ influence over government. “This is not just an attack on the environment; it is an attack on democracy. Big business and industry have lobbied behind closed doors to ensure the weakening of our environment laws. “Today we call on all Australians to contact the Prime Minister and their federal member of parliament to demand protection for the places and wildlife they love,” Dr Hamilton said. "We need your help—take part in the campaign".

This is a critical moment in time.  It is essential that the Prime Minister hears community support for the laws that protect the places and wildlife that we love. We are asking supporters and members of the public to write to the PM and their Federal member of parliament. You may want to write a letter yourself.  Feel free to include a picture of wildlife you love, and while you are at it post the photo at  If you use social media you can 'like' the campaign page on facebook, or tweet about it.